About McMahons

For over 20 years McMahons has been the backbone behind many a great sporting complex throughout Australia. Whilst we are proud to have a portfolio of projects which represent some of the most well known sporting facilities throughout Australia, we are as pleased to have many more community ovals and sports fields servicing local communities.

In 1998 we were pleased when approached to construct the surface of Stadium Australia, the home for the 2000 Olympic Games. On the back of that success, numerous other sports turf developments have relied on our expertise to undertake projects of similar magnitude.

One example has been the emergence of our participation in the construction of thoroughbred racing facilities. Having gained considerable insight into this industry having completed several projects, we are all too aware of the risks at stake and the benefits to be gained by all participating.

Golf Courses have been a consistent market and since our early days at the exclusive Capitol Golf Course in Melbourne, McMahons have gone on to work on some of the finest courses including Royal Melbourne and Hyatt Coolum and  full construction of courses such as Eastern Golf Course(VIC), Maroochy River Golf Club(QLD), Growling Frog Golf Course (VIC), Twin Creeks (NSW)  Eynesbury Golf Club (VIC) to name a few.

Developing a reputation for getting the project finished on time and on budget, McMahons have surrounded themselves with the right professionals ensuring that works are carried out using the best practice method.


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Our Technology

The continually emerging technology which we use enables us to implement a proposed design at a remarkable level of accuracy, with shaping  to a tolerance of +/- 5 to 10mm, without using a single survey peg in the construction. By utilising machine control technology to exactly position the cutting edges of the equipment we are able to achieve a much higher degree of accuracy than can be reached with more traditional methods of construction. McMahon's maintain a complete line of earthmoving and specialised turf construction equipment. From initial bulk earthworks to final shaping, we have the resources and infrastructure to undertake any project. Whether it is dozers or excavators, dump trucks or loaders, or our specialised equipment, you can be assured that the experience we have obtained will ensure that the right equipment is chosen for your project. This equipment together with our skilled operators is part of the formula for transforming the architect's vision into reality.