Proven track record from large scale projects requiring movement of 1 million cube to final trim and shaping achieved with a large and diversified fleet of plant and equipment, couple with skilled and experienced personnel

Works package experience  include dam and waterway construction, cut to fill and final trim, site preparation and infrastructure works including services and utilities.

Drainage & Irrigation

Drainage and irrigation installation expertise for golf course, sports field and thoroughbred horse surfaces in new construction and reconstruction projects. Drainage remediation works in support of maximising surface presentation include sand slitting, sand grooving and sub surface drainage


Advice, sourcing and the installation of suitable turf in support to satisfy environmental and usage demands. Specialist team of turf specialist mange and provide the right technical and agronomy support necessary to optimise the turf performance.

Laser Levelling/GPS guided machinery/Final Shaping

In achieving required design accuracy specialist plant and equipment under the direction of skilled personnel is a requirement.  With a significant investment in purpose built equipment, accuracy level +/- 5% are achieved.

Sand training surfaces

Installed throughout Australia, FibreSand Solutions is a success in providing a high performance surface for thoroughbred horses. The unique combination of fibres mixed with sand delivers a stable and safe surface for jockeys and horses alike.

Auxillary Works

Within many projects is the requirement for auxillary works in support of the golf course, sports field or thoroughbred race course. These often include pavement surfaces in car parks and sports courts, landscaping, lighting, furniture and other features. Strong project management ensure these additional works are delivered within the overarching project requirements.